TETRA Network Coverage PESQ Voice Quality Tool

TETRA Network Coverage PESQ Voice Quality Tool

NC2000+VQ is a BiTEA software tool providing comprehensive field test facilities for off air coverage and performance testing of TETRA networks and is designed specifically to work with the Sepura range of TETRA terminals. It provides real time network data and broadcast parameter verification and is available with automatic Voice Quality (VQ) analysis using the ITU standard PESQ algorithm.


  • Field test tool for TETRA networks
  • Real time display of captured data
  • Automatic logging of captured data
  • Real time display of potential network issues
  • Built in user programmable call generator
  • Built in automatic call generator
  • Integrated GPS Position & Data Capture
  • Hand portable or mobile terminal usage
  • Automatic cross checking of broadcast parameters, neighbour cell and frequency information
  • Easy to use single button start/stop
  • User waypoint marking
  • Produces a single Integrated log file ready for postprocessing by BiTEA NC2020 software
  • Touch screen compatible for tablet pc operation
  • Test and monitor network service performance
  • Gives visual indication of important system parameters
  • Displays serving cell parameters, frequency and slot information
  • Displays best neighbour identifier and frequency information
  • Allows network broadcast parameter details to be collected and exported to other data bases
  • Provides benchmark data for future comparison
  • Allows pro-active monitoring of service
  • Gives full event log of all issues collected for easy diagnostics
  • Real time call analysis statistics
  • Call setup time information
  • Call originating / terminating statistics
  • PESQ voice quality analysis of up/down link option
  • Record & playback of audio files
  • Protective pin login
  • Real time log data archiving to disk
  • Periodic audible & visual Indication of Logging action
  • Automatic VQ testing using the NC2001 control box
  • Can be used with any suitable pc

BiTEA has a policy to continually improve its products and services. The features and facilities described in this document should be used for indicative purposes only and are subject to change without notice.