GPS Tracking over TETRA

AVLS APLS and Asset Tracking Application

NC1010 is a sophisticated software application providing position fixing and tracking of assets and targets, plotting them on digital mapping solutions such as Microsoft MapPoint and Google Earth.

Designed to use data provided by GPS enabled TETRA terminals and standard NMEA083 compatible devices. Multiple input capability provides the ability to track both assets and targets on simultaneous multiple split screens using different map types and resolutions. The ability to have multiple local or remote viewers makes this application suitable for a very wide range of applications.

The NC1010 offers a low cost, autonomous, discrete solution for covert, emergency and incident command and control operations.

Advanced features make it useful for special operations team training and management evaluation of GPS technology over TETRA networks. Approved for use on the UK Airwave Network.

Application Features

  • Multiple input ports for asset and target tracking
  • Multiple Client viewers
  • Multiple simultaneous Map windows
  • Client – Server Architecture
  • MapPoint, Google Earth and other mapping interfaces
  • Standalone or remote client server applications
  • Real time display of reported GPS location data
  • Autonomous and discrete operation
  • Portable or fixed operation
  • Easy setup with user defined icons
  • Create and save predefined configurations for different jobs
  • Replays log files in real time, slow or high speed
  • Track multiple terminals on moving maps
  • Dynamically change terminal details or team associations
  • Hide active groups or terminals
  • Users identified by call sign name
  • Approved for use on the UK Public Safety TETRA network
  • Over the air changing of terminal ISSI destination and GPS reporting rates

BiTEA has a policy to continually improve its products and services. The features and facilities described in this document should be used for indicative purposes only and are subject to change without notice.