The BiTEA Bi-Directional combiner for fixed, mobile or portable applications allows connection of up to four radio transceivers to one aerial.

Quick set up and cost saving for fixed and temporary command & Control communications where multiple transceivers are required.

Instructions for use

1. This combiner uses balanced hybrid couplers to connect up to four transceivers to

one aerial, it relies on each port being terminated to maintain Tx to Tx isolation, if

there are less than four transceivers then any unused port MUST be terminated

with a 50O ¼ Watt RF termination. Available from BiTEA. (* Product Code:


2. The unit is not weatherproof it is intended for internal operation and a separate

cover must be used if mounted externally.

3. The combiner may be used in any orientation.

4. It can withstand high temperatures (+60°C) but should be kept as cool as possible.

5. This unit has a DC Coaxial Inner to Ground resistance of approximately 17 O

ensure there is no DC component on the Transceiver RF output, DC will heat the

internal loads and possibly detune them.

6. As with any installation proper protection against lightning must be taken, the case

of the unit should be bonded to the aerial mounting system or equipment rack

either by bolting directly or by Earth bonding pigtail, if mounted in a high exposed

position it is recommended that separate gas discharge lightning protectors are

  • Only one feeder and aerial required 
  • Quick set up time 
  • Efficient low cost solution 
  • Quick set up and cost saving for fixed and temporary Command & Control communications where multiple transceivers are required. 
  • Up to four transceivers with only one aerial feeder, one mast and one aerial.
Frequency Band: 380 – 430 MHz

Impedance: 50 Ohm

Input Power:  Max 10 watts / channel

TX-TX isolation:  -30dB

Insertion Loss:  -6.5dB

Return Loss: -26dB

Connectors: Input N type   Aerial N type

Dimensions: 250mm x 80mm x 53mm

Weight: 0.62kg