B7000 TETRA/LTE Radio Network Coverage and Performance Survey System

B7000 is a versatile and scalable survey tool that supports TETRA and 4G network testing operations of all sizes, from single site surveys up to national scale networks.

Using custom developed probes B7000 can support most survey methods including walk testing, drive testing, fixed network monitoring and temporary monitoring installations in all types of operational environments land, sea and air.

B7000 uses GPS to plot data on maps; cell information, handover, C1/C2 values, voice quality scores and more that are quick and easy to use. Sharing and extracting data is simple and reports are automatically generated by the built in B7000 software.

B7000 probes (detailed overleaf) are deployed in the field and can be operated by field staff or alternatively they can operate entirely autonomously, collecting and transmitting data for remote inspection without the need for any human involvement. Test results gathered by the B7000 probes can be viewed live in the field on any laptop or mobile device, the collected data can be securely transmitted via 3G/4G, WiFi or Ethernet to a central server for storage and online analysis. B7000 can be configured to display probe location and network data in realtime to provide a live overview of all survey activity taking place on a network.

B7000 supports voice quality testing which is an extremely powerful tool that exposes call quality users will receive in any given location by performing real calls and analysing them using ITU approved industry gold standards PESQ and POLQA algorithms. Signal strength coverage maps and network information data are important indicators of performance. Only voice quality measurements can tell you exactly how good the audio messages are. B7000 has been built from the ground up with voice quality measurements and operational resilience at its core. 

B7000 probes:
B7000-RM : Probe available for standard 19" radio equipment racks. AC mains/12V DC powered
B7000-RS : Rucksack probe 12V DC powered
B7000-PC : Rugged Peli case probe 12V DC powered
B7000-HH : Hand held probe
B7000-LTE : Android phone application
B7000-SV : Server
  • Versatile operation modes to support all types of network surveying and monitoring, land, sea and air.
  • Scalable design makes B7000 suitable for single site surveys up to national network scale monitoring. 
  • Supports voice quality testing using ITU approved industry gold standards PESQ and POLQA algorithms. 
  • Compatible with most major TETRA radio equipment.
  • B7000 probes can operate autonomously - permitting survey data collection automatically or survey staff.
  • Survey data is centrally stored and accessed through an easy to use website.
  • Survey data is transmitted wirelessly to simplify data collection and support realtime monitoring of survey activity. 
  • Data transmission is AES-256 bit encrypted.
  • Managed access control ensures users only have access to the data they are permitted to view.
B7000 server requirements:
Linux OS 
minimum server spec: 
Quad core 2GHz processor.
1TB HDD (1TB equates to roughly 12 months data per probe pair (master and slave).

B7000 probes:
B7000-RM : 19” rack mounted probe AC mains / 12V DC powered
B7000-RS : Rucksack probe 12V DC powered
B7000-PC : Rugged Peli case probe 12V DC powered
B7000-HH : Hand held probe
B7000-LTE: Android phone application
B7000-SV : Server

Compatible TETRA terminals:
Compatible with ETSI standard TETRA terminals such as Sepura SC, STP, SRG.

We would be pleased to provide a demonstration on request.