TETRA Radio Surveys



BiTEA can supply experienced security rated engineers to carry out mobile and pedestrian TETRA radio coverage, performance and voice quality testing.

BiTEA is a leading designer of TETRA Radio Surveying equipment and provides a supply or rental of its NC2000VQ TETRA network coverage and performance test tools.

For customers who do not have the expertise or resources available BiTEA provides a complete comprehensive TETRA network survey service using its own survey equipment tools and engineers.
The surveys provide easy to understand vehicle and pedestrian coverage maps highlighting areas of poor coverage or performance, along with written reports detailing the technical findings of the surveys.

Due to their nature terrestrial mobile radio networks rarely perform exactly as predicted by even the best planning software and are continuously at the mercy of growing trees, buildings and degradation of antenna systems. Carrying out initial and regular coverage and performance checks throughout the service life of any radio network is an important part of providing a radio service.